About Me

I live in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury with my amazingly supportive partner, Rob (who hasn’t once complained about not being able to use our dining table anymore!) and our two gorgeous children Miryn and Corban. To add to the chaos of raising a young family and running my own business, I am also a 111 call dispatcher and ambulance officer for St John.

The Jewellery Bar was born out of my lifelong love of fashion and the desire to run my own businesss. My late mother was a watercolourist and avid crafter, so designing and creating is in my blood. I’m really passionate about colour and texture and love how a bold piece of jewellery can elevate even the simpest outfit; I live in jeans and a tee, paired with a piece of statement jewellery!

In my spare time I enjoy reading (biographies, fashion and motivational books are my faves) catching up with friends and holidays with my family. I love being outdoors with my kids, and a visit to the Botanical Gardens to feed the ducks and play is always a special day out.

I am also thankful for the love and support of my awesome family and friends, without whom The Jewellery Bar would still be a dream. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of women who have joined me on this journey and given their time (including countless hours of babysitting!) and expertise to help me get to where I am now (some of these super women even agreed to be my models!).

Welcome to The Jewellery Bar, I hope you love my jewellery as much as I do.

Kirsten xx